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The SVA Service Award is a free nationwide framework that recognises volunteering efforts of Year 9-13 students. Wondering how the SVA Service Award fits with your organisation? Do you . . .


Run an existing programme?

If your organisation currently conducts a volunteering programme then you could award Member Pins to every participant.


Have a quiet achiever?

Recognise young people in your organisation whose contribution hasn't been acknowledged before.


Have great youth leaders?

Acknowledge young leaders in your organisation at a national level.

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Need young volunteers?

Boost the energy and diversity of your organisation. Engage with more young people by promoting the SVA Service Award as part of your volunteer recognition programme.

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Want to retain volunteers?

Motivate and involve young volunteers, and keep them coming back to volunteer with you.

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Work with school leavers?

The SVA Summary of Service showcases participants' volunteering and is a great tool for young people to include in job or study applications. 

The SVA Service Award is free of charge for all students at participating New Zealand secondary schools. Students volunteer in organisations or independently, and are awarded pins for their volunteer hours.

Community, school, and in-home volunteering hours all qualify and are combined into an SVA Summary of Service.


The SVA Service Award pins can be awarded by any nominated person at your school. As an organisation, you can support your local student volunteers by providing the resources inside our free SVA Service Award - Organisation Pack.

Member Pin

5 hours

Bronze Award Pin

32 hours

Silver Award Pin

250 hours

Gold Award Pin

500 hours

Top Volunteer Award

Special Recognition Badge
Each school awards one student (based on the most volunteering hours logged in their school) with this special badge. The student that has the most hours logged (overall) across all schools in Aotearoa, will also receive special recognition as the SVA Top Volunteer for that year.

How Can Our Volunteers Register?

We’ll send you an Organisation Pack

Get in touch with us for more information about how the SVA Service Award works for organisations. Share it with your volunteers, and discuss how they can achieve the SVA Service Award Pins.

There is no administration needed by organisations as students register themselves online and return regularly to the SVA Service Award website to log their volunteering hours.

Be a part of the celebration

Volunteers qualify for successive pins (Silver and Gold Award Pins) as they log their hours throughout their school career. These awards demonstrate a significant contribution to the wider community. We'll notify the volunteer's school each time they achieve these milestones and deliver the SVA Service Award Pins to the school.

SVA Service Award Pins can only be presented at school. We encourage organisations to be involved during the award ceremonies at their volunteers' schools and celebrate with them.

Participating Schools

Badges Award

Registered Volunteers

Logged Volunteer Hours

what schools are saying

This is perfect for our school. We have so many students who act as unpaid caregivers for grandparents and siblings at home. Ironically, this is often a barrier to producing a full CV of service related activities when it comes to completing applications for study or employment. The Service Record component of the Awards means our kids can be recognised for the work they actually do - exciting times

Vicki Cotton, Head of Careers - Sacred Heart Girls' High School

We are currently undergoing an awards review in our school to explore how we can make this more accessible and visible across all year levels so this will be fabulous.

Chris Jordan, Assistant Principal, Greenbay High School

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“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in
democracy. When you volunteer, you vote
every day about the kind of community
you want to live in”.

Dr Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain Almashhadi