‘Breakfast Club at Manurewa High School is a space where students can come in, grab some toast, cereal, a hot milo, maybe even French toast if they’re lucky, and just chill out before school. KidsCan, as the main organiser of Breakfast Club, provides the school with all the goodies, and Nicky Johnson provides the mahi and a smile. However, despite the awesome opportunity that is Breakfast Club, it had a negative stigma. In conjunction with wanting to dispel the negative stigma, and to ensure the 1st XV Boys gave back to the school, Breakfast Club Duty was born in 2017. Now in its third year running, Breakfast Club Duty has become an integral part of 1st XV Rugby service.

In their pods of about 5 or 6, the 1st XV Boys do one morning in Breakfast Club each week on the toast rotation, with a side job as Breakfast Club DJs. In Nicky’s absence due to illness, her niece Shavorn has stepped in as head ‘1st XV Boys Breakfast Club Wrangler’’.

See below for an example of the boys' 'sweet moves' - keep up the great work everyone!