📚 I am a Volunteer

As a volunteer, you can use the SVA App or website to log your volunteer hours as we've made it super easy for you to record your volunteering wherever you go! Download the app or login through our desktop site.

👩🏻‍🏫 I am a Teacher/Facilitator

As a teacher or facilitator, you have access to the Admin Portal, which provides you with all the digital tools you need to take volunteering at your school or organisation to the next level! See all the awesome mahi that your volunteers get up to - and it all connects seamlessly to the SVA App! Ka mau te wehi!

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Get in touch with us today by sending an email to help@sva.org.nz


If the SVA Service Award is switching over to a mobile app - what do I need to know?

Great question! If you're an existing student or teacher, migrating over to the app is super easy - we've done all the thinking for you!

To make sure you hit the ground running, we recommend you go through our Getting Started Wizard.

Check out some of the common questions we've listed here or if you want to learn more, click the button below to visit our Help Centre.


What happens to all my logged Service Records?

All your existing Service Records will get transferred over to the SVA App. If you have an existing SVA Service Award profile, make sure to use the Getting Started Wizard.


Can I keep all my volunteering hours?

Yep! All your volunteering hours will get transferred along with all your previously logged Service Records into the new SVA App.


Can I continue using the current Teacher's Portal?

The Teacher's Portal has now been upgraded and the previous one will no longer be accessible. To log into the upgraded Teacher's Portal, please visit this link. We also recommend checking out the Teacher's e-Handbook User Guide for some helpful tips and tricks!


Will I still be able to log in on this website?

Yes you will be. Simply go to volunteer.sva.org.nz and you can log into your SVA account there. Browse activities, log hours and more.



Can I use the same email address to log into the app?

Yep! But if you already have an existing SVA Service Award profile and it's your first time logging in, you'll need to reset your password.


I've finished high school, what should I do now?

No worries! If you've finished high school and want to continue volunteering all you need to do is update your educational institution (or select SVA General if you are currently working) in the SVA App's settings. If you no longer have access to your school email, use our Getting Started Wizard to perform an email recovery.

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Check out all our frequently asked questions, follow our easy step-by-step guides, and access our handy resources - it's all in our Help Centre!

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