You’ve done all this hard work volunteering… now what? It’s time to put your Summary of Service to work! 

What is a Summary of Service?

Your SVA Service Award Summary of Service is a document that gives a run down of your volunteering. It can be of great benefit to you - whether you’re applying for jobs, further education, scholarships, halls of residence… anything goes! 

How can I find my Summary of Service? 

You can download your Summary of Service after you reach Member level (5 hours of volunteering). Once you’ve logged your volunteering hours online, return to the home page. On the left hand side, select ‘Summary of Service’, under ‘Options’. This will email you an overview of all your volunteering (pictured below), which you can use to help in your application for jobs, further education, scholarships or halls of residence. 

Can I edit my Summary of Service?

Of course! You can go back to edit or delete your records if you’ve made any mistakes - just click 'Edit Service Records' under 'Options' on the left hand side of the page. See the image below if you're struggling to find it! It’s important to make sure your volunteering records are professionally presented - you should always use appropriate spelling and capitals. When describing your volunteering project, aim to spend at least two full sentences describing in detail what you did. Be as specific as you can when stating the location of volunteering - try to put the specific organisation as opposed to a general area. 

Top tips: 

  • Condense your records. If you’ve completed a lot of the same type of volunteering, such as regularly helping at a local charity store, it is great to group these together in one entry - calculate the amount of hours you’ve done and input the first date that you did that specific volunteering. Remember that each entry can be a maximum of 100 hours. 
  • Check your spelling - ask a friend or relative to check over your Summary of Service for any spelling errors and edit accordingly. 
  • When your Summary of Service is complete, share it on your social media or LinkedIn - it’s great to share your hard work with friends, family and potential employers! Post with #SVAServiceAward to show us your hard work.

All of these elements add up to a great Summary of Service and will get you well on your way to where you’re going - good luck!