SVA Service Award

Your Record of Service

With an SVA Service Award profile you can


Log your hours

Log any type of volunteering hours you've completed online. We'll send you your first SVA Service Badge after 5 recorded hours of volunteering.


Earn SVA Service Pins

As you reach each SVA Service Award volunteering milestone we'll make sure you receive a badge. Wear the badge as a symbol of the contribution you've made to your community.


Build a Summary of Service

You can log every piece of volunteering you’ve done in the past. We'll track it, keep a record of it, order it by date and make it available to you whenever you need.


Use the Summary of Service

You can download your Summary of Service as a PDF at any time. It's going to come in handy for applications for jobs, uni, tech and scholarships.


Mix it up

You can include any volunteering you've done, anywhere at any time. Home, school and community service will all be counted. Check out volunteering opportunities that people have organised in your area and try something new!


This is a free programme

We promise there will never be any cost to you. Your pins and your summary of service will always be provided to you free of charge.


What was the most rewarding experience you had with the SVA Service Award?

“You get to see how much you have positively impacted people in the community.” - Year 9 student

“Just seeing how many hours I've spent volunteering, particularly at a Korean language school. I felt very happy that I was able to give back to the school that had helped me to grow as an individual and to embrace my culture and language. I was really happy to realise that I may have helped other children to feel what I had felt years ago.” - Year 13 student

“The feeling of accomplishment when logging hours and seeing how much you really do.” - Year 12 student

“I've really enjoyed having the Service Award to help me track what I do over the year. By having all the graphs on my dashboard, I'm able to see what I can do more to help my community and what I can direct more of my free time towards.” - Year 11 student 

“I signed up in Year 9 to help record all my hockey and other sports volunteering. However, over time I've learnt that giving up my time to help others is enjoyable and makes me learn more about what I'm teaching to other people.” - Year 11 student

“The SVA service award has helped me to volunteer more as it has given me a goal to work towards. The award is what initially motivated me to start volunteering. But now I have done a lot, I do it for the joy it brings to me and the people around me.” - Year 13 student 

“The Service Award has given me the strength to do more and made me think about what I can do to help the community, not just in New Zealand but also people around the world.” - Year 11

“I have used the Summary of Service in my CV in multiple job interviews. This has been awesome because it allows me to show off all the volunteering I have done and all the hard hours I have put in to help others.” - Year 13 student

Volunteering is...

If you're doing something to help other people and you're not doing it to make money then that's volunteering.  Whether you're putting out cones at sports events, organising the school ball, caring for a sick whanau member, washing dogs at the SPCA, planting trees or picking up plastic rubbish at the beach you're making contribution to your community and that counts.

Mobilising action towards the 17 Global Goals

For the first time in history, there is a globally agreed list of priorities that are called the Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals. Each goal relies on actions of volunteers, and calls for long-term attitude and behaviour changes - for example, in the way we waste food or pollute the ocean with plastic.

Service Award students work towards Sustainable Development Goals of their choice and reflect on the impact that their takoha is having.  

Volunteer as a Team Leader

As a Team Leader, you get special features to create and organise your own volunteering events!

Whether you're a house captain, sports coordinator or scout leader, you can record the attendance of volunteers who join your activities and create special awards that only members of your team can earn. Every activity gets logged to your Summary of Service!

Create your own activities

Whether you're running a classroom project or just helping nana - it's volunteering made easy as!

This is where it gets fun! The SVA App now delivers volunteering opportunities right at your finger tips. Team Leaders can create their own activities and even assign delegates to help them. Volunteering has never been this easy - it's all in the palm of your hands!


The SVA Service Award pins can be awarded by any nominated person at your school. Click below to see the list of schools that are registered with the SVA Service Award.

Member Pin

5 hours

Bronze Award Pin

32 hours

Silver Award Pin

250 hours

Gold Award Pin

500 hours

Top Volunteer Award

Special Recognition Badge
Each school awards one student (based on the most volunteering hours logged in their school) with this special badge. The student that has the most hours logged (overall) across all schools in Aotearoa, will also receive special recognition as the SVA Top Volunteer for that year.

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“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in
democracy. When you volunteer, you vote
every day about the kind of community
you want to live in”.

Dr Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain Almashhadi