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What counts as volunteer service?

Any volunteering that contributes to your community can be included in the SVA Service Award.  For example: environmental, social action, sport coaching, or home caring. You can be part of a group or independent. Volunteering is time that you give for the common good, and without financial gain.

I am not sure how to volunteer

Start by thinking about the kind of volunteering you are able to do. Can you do something each week of the year, or just in the holidays. Then think about what you would like to do: inside/ outside/ with people/ online/ with animals. Then search for a person, a non-profit organisation or project you could help with. 

Do I have to volunteer at school?

Your volunteering service can be a part of a school activity, or a completely separate programme that you’ve planned independently. 

What can I do with my service records?

Your service record celebrates all the volunteer work you’ve put into your community. A PDF Summary of Service Record is available for free download at any time to any student who has registered their hours at This record is perfect for inclusion for job and study applications as well as for scholarships and awards.

What do I do if I change schools?

Get in touch with us at and we’ll help you out.

What skills do I have to volunteer?

This is usually the first interview question a volunteer is asked. Think about your skills and what you can offer an organisation or group. Here are just a few ideas:
I’m good at using Instagram
I can show people how to use a cell phone
I speak two languages
I’m great at baking
I can provide personal insight about disability and access
I’m good with a soccer ball
I’m a strong swimmer
I’m confident speaking in front of groups
I’m good at using Excel spreadsheets

Where do I find a community organisation?

Visit your local volunteering, community centre, and library to see if there is already a group helping locally that you can connect with. Social media will also provide easily accessible information about groups needing volunteers. Can’t find anyone already helping? Start your own project!

August Gold Pin Winners

Congratulations to the following students who have each volunteered 500 hours and earned gold SVA Award Pins. Thank you for making such an awesome contribution to your communities! Josh Fail, Cornerstone Christian SchoolRose Ursem, Green Bay High SchoolOrion...