Students at Cambridge High School have already become champions of our SVA Service Award, with the EXT 4 class members earning Member, Bronze, and Silver SVA Award Pins.

Rewarding Community Involvement

Teacher Blair Ludlam designed a course called EXT 4 which focusses on Personal Growth (passion projects, mindfulness, yoga), Academic Excellence (scholarship, competitions etc), Future Ready (university, travel, CVS, guidance from past students) and Community Involvement. The course fits perfectly with our SVA Service Award programme. The EXT 4 students sign up to our website, and start logging their hours, noting the type of volunteering they’ve done. Each month, Ludlam is notified by email about who has earned Award Pins. Ludlam is enthusiastic about the SVA Service Award programme.

"They love this work more than anything and when they apply for scholarships and university they are recognised beyond belief! Good kids, doing good things for good reasons. Thank you for giving us the ability to reward them!"

Blair Ludlam

Diverse Volunteering

The type of volunteering done by the students is diverse. Some are volunteer mentors at Cambridge Middle School each week. Other students visit a rest home regularly to read and create relationships with the residents. A group of the students raised almost $1000 for Cambridge Community House by creating a Pop Up clothing store (recycling clothes). Head Boys Matthew and Liam, have created a ‘Boys Leadership’ group which fosters connections with students and shares their passion for work and achievement. Students also volunteer at the Cambridge Community Garden to maintain the space for the wider community.

“The idea of giving back is a centerpiece to this class - these students find success without too much trouble so now they will lift up, support and encourage others to reach their potential”

Blair Ludlam

The SVA Service Award has now been added to Cambridge High School’s EXT 4 programme. This means that the students’ goal is to reach the highest levels of the SVA Service Award as they volunteer in the community throughout the year. This also means that there’s going to be a whole lot of community connection and wellbeing, resilience-building, and happy faces in Cambridge this year!