We're excited to be awarding the first batch of Gold SVA Award Pins to SVA Service Award volunteers this month.

More than twenty students from around New Zealand have each volunteered 500 hours to their communities - making a huge impact on their skills development and the people and environment around them.

Drew Burling from Sacred Heart Girls' College in Hamilton is one of our Gold Pin recipients. She has volunteered over 500 hours of service at Christian Youth Camps as a cabin leader, taking care of young children for fun-filled weeks, completing duties around the camps and helping staff members.

"I go there every holiday and enjoy it so much, it teaches good leadership skills and gives you a chance to meet new people".

Drew Burling

Wondering how to earn your own Gold SVA Service Award Pin? Sign up to our free SVA Service Award programme here, and start volunteering and logging your hours. As you increase your hours, you'll be presented with SVA Award Pins through your school. You'll also receive an SVA Summary of Service to include in your CV and tertiary applications.

Do what you love, make a change in your community, and earn some gold!